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Jerrick Lee Tsosie
Architectural Associate
Associate AIA


Originally from Rock Point, Arizona, Jerrick grew up on the Navajo reservation. Living in a rural area of Arizona, he found himself becoming interested in the outdoors and spent most of his time being curious about the land around him.

Jerrick moved to Tucson, Arizona to study architecture in 2015 at the University of Arizona College of Architecture, and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor in Architecture.

Over the course of two summers in 2017 and 2018, he took part in Dalhousie Costal Studio’s design build projects in Nova Scotia, Canada, working as a builder for a gridshell pavilion for Cape Breton Highlands National Park. This experience expanded his learning, working in a different climate and with different materials than typical in Arizona. He very much has a drive to be hands on and work with real materials in his architectural practice. Jerrick has also previously worked with Space Bureau for almost two years in Tucson, designing retail and residential projects.

1046 S Euclid Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85719

(520) 270-4205