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2007 - present

Particles serve as an ongoing exploration of ideas rooted in the profound act of making.  In a reverence for craft and an expression of materiality, these explorations are essential to our process.

Our world’s history is written in the dirt: the most stable thing made of the most temporal.

Under pressure, dirt forms the ground we walk on.  Shaped by human hands, it builds the bricks we use to frame our lives.  Swept up into the air, it becomes atmospheric, covering every surface without discrimination.  Dirt turns to dust.

No honest craftsman or maker knows in the process of working whether he is making or creating…The first, the second, and the last reality for him is the work itself, the very process of working. The process takes precedence over its result, if only because the latter is impossible without the former.  Joseph Brodsky, Nobel laureate poet

We explore ideas through the articulation
of smaller compositions: jewelry, hardware, furniture, poetry, and film –
the intimacy of things held in our hands,
things that hold our bodies
and thoughts.

1046 S Euclid Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85719

(520) 270-4205