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Casa Caldera and DUST wins 2021 Jeff Harnar Award for Contemporary Architecture in the Southwest 

Date:- 05-02-2021

DUST has been awarded the top prize by the University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning and the Thornburg Foundation: the 2021 Jeff Harnar Award for Contemporary Architecture in the Southwest.

“We were very impressed with the use of age-old planning techniques to create energy efficiency without reliance on high technology,” says jurist Elaine Molinar of Snøhetta.

“The firm created a wonderful space that is deferential to the landscape in its simple form…. It features not only modesty but also boldness and clarity.”

The jury of Molinar plus Marlon Blackwell of the University of Arkansas and Thaisa Way of Dumbarton Oaks was also asked to consider finalists in light of the firms’ commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Specifically, the firms responded to how they would use the prize’s $10,000 award to further their equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

DUST has committed to utilize the monetary award to encourage professional and personal growth for our small staff.  We have created a fund to cover study materials and testing fees for our unlicensed staff and cover NOMA and AIA membership fees for the entire team.

Any remaining funds will be donated to NOMA Arizona’s John Williams Scholarship and the University of Arizona AIAS organization where there is a current request to help fund student memberships for need-based students.


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